Friday, 8 November 2013


To try and avoid the prolonged process of putting too many pictures on the blog, I've put a quick link to our facebook page on the top right hand side. Click on this to see more of pictures of our adventures.

Well here we are sitting in Southport, NC.  We had left Carolina Beach early yesterday hoping to put 50 miles behind us. While under way, the engine started sounded different. Upon further investigation Al found the fresh water pump wobbling like crazy. Fearing it was about to pack it in and we were only about 3 miles from here, we came to dock and have ordered a new pump. Should be delivered today and Al will install.
An unexpected stop
The last week have had a good week, other than the pump, the boat is holding up well with no major issues. I've been making some fabulous dinners using my pressure cooker.  No better way now to cook up some beef ribs and I've officially made the best stew I have every cooked or eaten.
Al's very glad that we found a place to stow this gigantic pot!!

Go big or go home!

At anchor in Town Creek (Beaufort), calm before the storm
Leaving River Dunes we crossed the Neuse River and headed into Adams Creek Canal that would take us all the way into Beaufort. Not great for sailing, but a lovely trip non the less. Sunny and warmer than it had been watching tons of Dolphins chasing bait fish that have been running recently.  We anchored for 2 nights at Town Creek in Beaufort. Tight anchorage with some good winds, 20 knots gusting to 30,  but with our new Rocna anchor we stuck like glue. It sets fast and hard, feeling like we "put her in park", money well spent!! Beaufort was lovely. We took a self guided history tour through town including the local grave yard. Also visited the Maritime Museum and learnt all about the infamous Blackbeard.
Lots of neat shopping and restaurants in the area, and across the bay on Carrot Island we managed to get some pics of the resident wild ponies - very cool.  On our way back to the boat we ran into Phil and Krista (Harmonium), and were invited aboard for a sun downer - Krista makes a mean Dark n' Stormy.

Wild horses on Carrot Island
Al discussing pros and cons of being a pirate!
Town Creek Anchorage
The next piece of the inter coastal waterway has kept us on our toes every minute of the way.  With extensive shoaling and vast numbers of buoy makers, to more exposed anchorages and trying to time bridge openings.
In 2 days we witnessed 3 boats go hard aground right in front of us. As well,  at both anchorages, seeing multiple boats dragging anchor. Lots of excitement and we have been so thrilled that we haven't been included in those statistics (yet, anyway)!

We follow markers with the tiny yellow triangle on the top, indicating the ICW.

both of these vessels are sitting on a shoal
On the strip between Mile Hammock Bay anchorage and Carolina Beach we were able to motor sail.  Picked up some great speed as we were travelling against the tide. Oh, that's another thing. You can't try and plan a trip based on your tide. One hour you are getting a great push only to find the next hour you are fighting it then back again. With all the inlets opening into the Atlantic from the ICW the waters swirl around the land very unpredictably.
In Carolina Beach the weather started to cool off again and we had rain and more wind. We spent 2 nights at anchor again enjoying the fantastic beach, boiled peanuts and a fabulous walk to Carolina Beach State Park. We had read that only here, or within 100 miles of this area, is where the plant Venus Flytrap grows wild and we had to get there to see it.  Our search turned up nothing, and we thought we would be leaving disappointed. When we started to head out of the woods we ran into a class of Eco Management students on a field trip and managed to sweet talk the teacher into letting us tag along so he could show us the plants. How awesome! Turns out the park has stopped marking the areas to view the plants as poaching has become a huge problem. 1000's of plants have been dug up to sell on the black market even though if you let them go to seed they are easy to propagate, such a shame.
Carolina Beach

Taking in a class!

Venus Flytrap

Long hike back to the boat stopping for a beer and a small bowl of some "famous" clam chowder - delicious. Took awhile to dingy home, stopping to chat with 3 other boats in the anchorage.

So here we are, still awaiting our new water pump. The temperature has been dropping again but the sun is out. Sea Angel just pulled in to a slip a few boats away and we have made plans to visit with them tonight. Hopefully Al will have all his work finished before then so we can get underway again tomorrow as planned.

See you again once we're in Charleston, South Carolina.

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  1. Looking good guys, pressure cooker is a fast and great way to cook, Brenda put Al to kitchen duty too. Weather turning up here also, snow north of 7. I was posted to 436 Sqn last week, settling in into new work groups. Have a great week and enjoy the new pump.