Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Warming up!

Even though one of our coldest days yet was when we were actually over the Florida border we are finally living the life of beautiful warm weather, sun and palm trees!

Trying to warm up using the engine room as a heater

Yes, toque weather

We are anchored in a great little spot in Ft. Pierce Florida called Faber Cove. A short dingy ride to shore where we have access to laundry mat, groceries, hardware store and a short walk to the beach.

Our trip heading down from Savannah has been uneventful really. The Georgia coast was much less intimidating than we had been reading about. We really enjoyed the trip and are glad we chose to do the inside (ICW) at least this one time. We did encounter very strong winds, rain, sunshine, extreme cold and beautiful warm days. A real mixed bag which can mess with you emotionally as well as effect our productivity, I know, I shouldn't be complaining but human nature is taking over.

We have visited some amazing places. Cumberland Island National Park being by far one of our highlights of this trip. Managed to catch a few days of lovely weather before it was to turn nasty again.  Anchored with great protection and was able to explore the island. Incredible beaches, sand dunes, forest, feral horses and history. We missed out on seeing any armadillos that are also said to be roaming the island.  A definite must stop if passing by.

Cumberland Island

Feeling like kids!

Cumberland Island anchorage

Trying hard to save some money by sticking to anchorages but with some expected very high winds and needing to get some laundry done we chose to make our way into a marina at Amelia Island just outside Fernandina Beach. We spent 2 nights utilising the courtesy vehicle to check out town and get caught up on laundry, groceries etc. The wind had not totally let up when we were heading out, the anticipation of us getting out of our very tight dock space was VERY stressful for me. Certainly being at anchor has its clear advantages.  We called the marina and had them send down a couple of guys to assist us and it couldn't have gone smoother! Awesome job guys - Al and I did a pretty good job also.

A couple of nights at a free dock - Jacksonville Florida. Again waiting out a storm that was suppose to be coming through. 

Jim King Park

Mooring - St. Augustine. Fabulous place. Different than anything we have seen yet. Oldest city in America. Spanish settled for over 300 years (??) Spent American Thanksgiving here. Wonderful light show throughout old town as we took a little trolley tour at night. 
Another moment to reflect on what we are thankful for. Our family being absolutely at the top of the list, our friends, old and new, being in good health and the fact that we are able to be out here fulfilling our dream.

Speaking of new friends. We are having such a blast with our "boat buddies" Krista and Phil aboard Harmonium, that crazy couple from Toronto. Thank you to Krista for her impeccable research and planning (your worrying does pay off!) and to Phil for his second to none music collection and sound system. 

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine mooring field

oldest street in America

trolley ride - running on a sugar cookie and apple cider high

Anchorages - Daytona Beach, Titusville and Rocky Point. 

windy night in Daytona 

Titusville - look closely to left you can just make out Cape Canaveral 

morning at Rocky Point

Fuelled up and filled up with water in Vero Beach then made our way here to Ft. Pierce. 
Krista and I managed to do laundry and grocery shop and be back at the boat by noon yesterday. Al was finishing up on some work (AIS finally working) then off for a walk to the beach. 

Faber Cove

Ft. Pierce Inlet

South Beach, Ft. Pierce

Happy hour was aboard Serenada, Diana and Gil's 32' Ontario from Orilla. Joined by Krista and Phil who were thrilled to be aboard as there previous boat was the exact boat of an early year. While sharing some awesome food and cocktails we had the extreme pleasure of catching the rocket launch from Cape Canaveral. It had been postponed so many times I had totally forgot about it. What a great night.

 Rocket launch

Weather has been perfect so we decided to stay another day here and continue to catch up on jobs as well as soak up some sun. 
Heading for Ft. Lauderdale for a few days then down to Biscayne Bay (Miami) to wait for a good weather window to make our crossing.

(We are so very excited to find out Paige is coming to join us in the Bahamas in January. She has a real keeper for a boyfriend who has given her an early Christmas gift!! We love you Blake.)

Talk to you all again soon, Lots of love from sunny Florida.

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