Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Years!!

We certainly sent off 2013 with a bang.

You would think spending time in Miami, with sunshine, hot weather, lovely waters and good people all around that we should have been more content?? After 2 weeks of watching and listening for favourable weather systems, anticipating a departure, only for them to disappear in front of us seemed to take the "wind out of our sails".

We decided to make our way over to No Name Harbour in Bay of Biscayne so we would be better set up to make a dash for it when we got the green light. Neat little place,state park, with lots of other like minded boats holding up  and WAITING. We finally ran into Time and Tide and Last Waltz, both fellow Trenton Yacht Club members. Lots of fun to touch base with familiar faces and catch up on some great transiting stories.

Like I said, there were many boats also staging for what was anticipated as an optimum crossing day on Monday 30th and it didn't take long for the "B2B" fleet to be born. (Biscayne to Bimini)
7 boats choosing to travel together sharing information, knowledge and experience. Some may say we over thought things and maybe spent more time then we should have planning but as they say, better to over think it then to "wing it", the seas can be very unforgiving.

We all pulled anchor at 5:45am and made our way out to and through the main channel of Bay of Biscayne just as light was coming in the sky. We had a very uneventful crossing, it was absolutely beautiful out there. The only thing I regret is not sticking my feet into the gulf stream as the crew of Harmonium were all able to do. The wind stayed out of the north for the entire trip but the seas were gentle. Are speed over ground never went below 6.5 knt with averages at 7.4 and for the last hour and half making almost 8.5 knt as we rode the rising tide. We chose our coarse well and Al continued to alter small degrees northward as we made our way through the stream bringing us straight into the channel in just under 8 hours.

With our quarantine flag flying, we headed for Brown's Marina on North Bimini and they did  a fabulous job bringing in 9 boats all merging upon them within minutes of each other!  Al headed off to the customs and then immigration to check in pay our cruising license etc. Back around 4pm and the Bahamian flag was finally, and with immense pleasure, hoisted up the mast!

No Name Harbour night before we plan to cross

early departure
Bimini on the Horizon!

Leaving the US

It's official

We have been enjoying the beaches, biking, experiencing the food and the culture of the Island. The social committee (Thanks to Kristelle, Bruce and Al) organized a fabulous pot luck New Years Eve celebration. Tons of tasty dishes including freshly made bread, devil eggs (best I've ever had), multiple salads and Apple Crisp, only to name a few. The entire marina showed up and enjoyed a great night. Two sets of Fireworks, both North and South Bimini. About 7 of us actually made it to midnight and shared a bottle of Champagne.

Paige arrived!! Safe and sound after 21 hours of travel. No problems with any of her flights or picking her up on South Bimini as we took a "ferry" and bus there and back - about a 15 minute trip one way. She actually managed to stay awake and join us for the Junkanoo celebrations (parade) through the town that evening. Costumes and music and the entire Island came out for it, very special night.

The gang from CFB Trenton

Supplies offloaded from ship

streets of Bimini

Life here has been great but now we are planning our departure (yes, the meetings have started) Weather looks good for Sunday/Monday so we will hopefully make our way to Nassau doing a 2 day trip.

For now it looks like a quick swim and then a bunch of us are getting together to learn how to play Island Domino's, then maybe a haircut - my hair is driving me nuts. 

See you all again in Nassau. 


  1. Pretty cool to see you hooked up with the Donovan's, may the new year bring you joy happiness a great adventure and the opportunities to meet new exciting peeps. Carl p

  2. WHOO HOOOO!!!!! Can not wait for your posting about your recent successful crossing to Nassau- overnight no less!!!! You guys rock. Well done!

  3. Great work!! Turn on your AIS so we can see where you are.

    Dolphin Striker

  4. Hi Haven ! SO glad to hear you're THERE, and hope this norther doesn't give you too much bounce, but please don't miss Norman's Cay. Go see Lorraine and order her coconut bread! She owns the free (contributions accepted) internet cafe, and the laundromat AND the hairdresser! She's lovely, a real sweetheart.
    LOVE your blog....keep it coming. Angie and Ray on Enticer (soon to be Solitaire)

  5. Ok, enough of the mystery....where ARE you and we are all waiting, checking, wondering...WHERE ARE YOU TWO! Please let us know....I only know from the couple of previous "comments", that others have heard you got to Nassau, but want the blog, and want to see those pics !!! Stay safe and enjoy the best islands on earth. Angie and Ray, Bay of Quinte.....

  6. ok, enough suspense ! Ray and Angie