Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Back to the Sun...

Well we have made it back to the sun for another anticipated great season in the sun.

We had such a fabulous summer thanks to all our wonderful family and some great friends!!  Spending time in both Ontario and BC.  A fabulous mix of work and fun. A special thanks to my sister Jen and her family, Adrian Ella and Russell. They shared their home once again with us or should I say put up with us!! We had a blast and hope you did too.

Tying up final preparations with packing smart to distribute weight and volume appropriately, including a emergency trip to the dentist for Al to have a filling replaced we headed to Dad and Barb's for the night. Relinquishing our car to be stored safely in his garage for the winter we had a fabulous dinner, a surprise visit from my sister-in-law, Sonja, Meghan, Carmen and Gary to give a final send off. Early to bed, a 3:30am wake and hit the road with my dad at the wheel.  Made it safe and sound in lots of time to check our bags and our Honda 2000 generator, which we had some anxiety about possible additional fees it would cost to bring it with us. No problems. They only weighed one bag and then just waved the others through! Generator made it in one piece and no additional costs. We have been using it almost every day, Captain is very happy!

Flights were great, customs and ferry all smooth. Arrived in Virgin Gorda at 6:30pm to find Norma from Bayview apts. waiting to pick us up. Unexpected. It was only a 7 minute walk, but a long day and lots of baggage we were very thankful. After a quick trip to get groceries we finally sat ourselves down with cold beer in hand in what would be home for the next week.

coffee every morning
Bayview Apartments

both floors were ares. Two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 3 bathrooms. I think the boat might be a shock to us!

The boat was in fabulous shape!  Minimal mold, dry as a bone no smells or critters inside.
Now down to business to get Haven ready for the next sailing season. Cleaning, organizing, bottom paint applied, hatches re done, new thru haul and cutlass bearing and a long list of other jobs. We started early and tried to finish early to head to the beach for a swim.  Launch went smoothly. Al had to bleed the fuel lines for her to start up but not much excitement. We re fueled went to dock for the night where we put up our sails and installed a new water pump after discovering ours had died. More cleaning a quick shower then we were on our way a bit later than we had hoped. Boat was still in some disarray but we were anxious to get to St. Thomas where my mom was coming in by cruise ship on Thursday.  Stopped one night at anchor at Peter Island than a fabulous sail into harbour at Charlotte Amalie.

Bottom paint done, now working on hatches hiding from the sun

Launch day

This was "our" beach.  Some days we were the only ones there.

saying goodbye, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour

Jeff up our mast re placing wind vane and indicator and taping up the spreaders
Yes, this cost money. Thankfully I don't have the know how so didn't have to go up!

felt like home with these boats stern tied.

Spent a fabulous day with mom and her friend Karen sight seeing and sharing a meal in the beautiful Caribbean!!

mom's ship coming in to harbour

apparently even Santa and Mrs. Claus like to cruise!!

mom and I overlooking Charlotte Amalie
We are now anchored between Water Island and Crown Bay (St.Thomas) finishing up our boat jobs and getting some final organizing done.  Extremely hot here, even though we have to duck and cover from the occasional squall.  My rings have been tucked away for the season as my fingers have swollen to the size of gourmet sausages.

approaching squall

Our plan is to head to Puerto Rico on Thursday if all goes well for some exploring we missed on our way last season.

Love to everyone, talk to you soon.

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