Monday, 26 August 2013

Dropping the mast

So, the day came to remove the mast and lay it down deck top. Our first big hurtle to get us on our way.
We were very stressed about it. Thanks to Dad with his engineering brain and sense of construction along with Al's decision to give up control we started to see the vision. Thank you to Adrian who took the day out of his limited time from work to come and help out too! Everything went off so smoothly and without issue. It was hard to think back to all worries. It is absolutely perfect and feels so secure. I think we should patent Dad's design!! Thanks Dad, our 36ft SV now became a 52ft motor vessel!


  1. Holy cow, I didn't realize you had to take down the mast like that. When and who will put it back up for you? And yay to your Dad and Adrian for helping out :)

  2. Hey looking good you two. This is Lue and Deb.............just testing things while Deb awaits your Skype call.