Sunday, 1 September 2013

Leaving the dock

Hi to all.
Well it was Saturday afternoon, Aug 24th,  3:09pm...filled up with water, pumped out and then headed on our way.
I'd have to say at that point we spent a long moment  looking back at the last 5-6 years...this big dream of ours.  When it would happen, what it might look like, how we might feel. Now after all the preparation and planning we ARE living our dream. I doesn't feel real quite yet but we're sure it will hit us very soon.
I mostly Thank Al for being the driving force behind our dreams and being so sure that we could make it all happen. He helped me feel secure in our decisions with planning as well as my ability to assist with sailing etc. I also have great confidence in his abilities, he has spent lots of time honing his skills, like the delivering legs he went on overseas, and just getting out there and sailing.  As all the other sailors know (and those that have sailed with us) it's not always easy being first mate as Skippers can be, hmm, not sure how to say it with political correctness, emotionally charged. Every day seems to be easier, lots of mutual respect going on. Are we in the honeymoon phase??

All loaded up.

leaving Trenton behind.

"Haven" felt great as we set out.  As we pulled into Sandy Cove to anchor for the night we had a very pleasant surprise to see some new friends there also for the night, Angie and Ray on Enticer. Had a fun night catching up with them and actually helped celebrate Angie's Birthday! Thanks for the hospitality guys!!
Oh, and Ray here's a picture just for you!

the poor forgotten anchor light, 3 dollars in Picton!

Left early in the morning heading to Picton. Very warm and calm waters. Into Picton and spent 2 nights on a mooring ball at PEYC. An interesting tidbit, they wanted to charge us $22 per night, yet docking was $25 first night with second night free reciprocal??? Didn't make any sense to us. Apparently they changed some regs. the last couple of years, but in the end we were granted the 2nd night free.
Fun night at the Acoustic Grill, eating great burgers and listening to live music.

Our batteries died and we ended up getting 4 new 6vlts delivered Tuesday morning. Al installed while I picked up a few groceries and odds and ends in town. Showered and we were off again.

A night of celebration. Thanks Angela and Claudio for the amazing bottle of wine!

Another beautiful day. Some fog in the morning but cleared and turned very hot. Winds were from the south/southwest so just like glass all the way along Adolphus Reach. We decided not to pass up the opportunity to check out Main Duck Island. One of the few places we have been told by friends we needed to check out while sailing in Ontario and had yet to make it.
Unfortunately when we tried to leave for a night crossing of Lake Ontario the fog was relentless. 2am we made it around to the lighthouse only to get fogged in, turned back and re anchored. Woke back up at 5:30am, total blanket of fog. Again at 9:30, looked good so off we went...made it a little further, then someone somewhere said NO. Back again to re anchor. 
Went for a swim had a fabulous breakfast of beans and eggs as I had limited provisions on board for going into the states. By noon only slight fog so we made another trip down that road! Success. By the time we rounded the corner past the light house the skies were so clear. Slight wind from behind us, we had such a great ride!

Main Duck Island 

The morning fog

Entering Oswego and the checking in process was incredibly easy. Within minutes we were checked in had our cruising permit in hand and a map to the local drink holes from Lori at the Oswego Marina.
Now we headed to our very first lock - lock 8 Oswego Canal. Intimidating, but when Al called to say we were coming he told the lock operator we were canal virgins so when we arrived he was very helpful and easy on us. 
We spent 2 nights free between lock 8- 7 tied to the wall. Pulled the bikes down and did some touring. Al was having an alternator issue so he ran it into the shop to get it tested. Not even a year old the alternator was pronounced dead. Al re installed the old one we had as a spare along with a new belt and we were good to go. 
We happened by a fabulous old pub and chatted with Larry the owner since 1976. He was extremely passionate about his joint and we ended up with a full tour including the bowels below which was oncethe 1st jail in Oswego - 1836 
Thursday night we hit the Farmers market downtown Oswego. Picked up some great treats including another feast of fresh local corn. To our surprise the farmer pealed a stock and told us to try it raw!
Wow, amazing. If haven't you should.


Coming into Oswego

The first lock

Corn delight!

A fabulous tour.

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