Sunday, 22 September 2013

September 12, 2013

We headed out down the Hudson hoping to make it straight into NY city and get tied up for the night at Liberty Landing Marina.  The remainder of the Hudson continued to be stunning even as we slowly got into more populated places.  Passing by famous West Point, which I had no idea was even in that neck of the woods.

West Point Academy 

 As we were passing Yonkers we  ended up hitting some bad weather, another thunder/lightening storm,  plus  we started to loose speed with a turning tide. We decided to pull over just shy of our destination north of George Washington Bridge and dropped the anchor for the night (on the Jersey side).  We really wanted to come into NY City with good visibility.
Just as we were in the middle of setting the anchor a pan pan came over the radio that there was a person in the water  in the vicinity of GW Bridge. The tug beside us heading north did a 180 back to the area and within 2 minutes the 1st police boat showed up followed closely by 2 more.  Amazing to see everyone respond so quickly. Fire and or emergency vehicles pulled up on a roadway beside the bridge as well you could see them on top of the bridge.  We never heard what had happened or if they found the person. I would have to say we look at debris in the water with a little more scrutiny from then on!


Skipper needed a break after all that excitement 

The weather broke so headed to shore and went for an amazing 2 hour walk all along the shore of the Hudson as well as up the Jersey Embankment.  The trails are well cared for and well used by the locals. Our night on the hook was fabulous. There was the most spectacular Thunder and lightening storm yet. We were able to sit in the cock pit for a long time before the rain hit and hit hard!! With the current holding us in a different direction then the wind we ended up with rain coming through the cock pit window so I was getting rained on while cooking dinner.  We haven’t had to close those windows in a very  long time.

 Looking forward to tomorrow, New York City baby…

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  1. Hi Brenda, we are really enjoying reading all about your trip and seeing all your pictures. Keep up the great writing!