Sunday, 1 September 2013

Oswego to Brewerton

I almost forgot to show you the American courtesy flagpole made from a piece of driftwood Al found on the beach on Main Duck Island.

We left Oswego on Friday morning heading for lock 7 hoping to stop in Phoenix - lock 1- for the night. The canal system is just beautiful. A mix of extravagant homes with cottage style properties.
With every lock we got more confident with the procedures and it became second hand. Lock 3 turned out to be a challenge when Al brought the boat in and we missed the lines. We came very close to turning around but a quick recovery by all and some help from the lock operator who opened the waters a bit as we got close to the side, helping to push Haven into place.
We spent the night on the free dock in Phoenix, lovely people making us feel welcome and little ones called the dock brats who would run errands for you. We had them pick up a couple of items from the grocery store for us and deliver them back to the boat.

The Canal


dinner on the dock

Do we need to check our navigation??

Off to Brewerton, just past lock 23 on the Erie Canal and west of the opening to Lake Oneida. Checked into a marina for the night. Only a buck a foot. Great people here and a beautiful spot to stop and get caught up on internet etc. The owner, Kim, lent us a car to go into town, North Syracuse to pick up battery boxes and unfortunately a small alarm clock.  Al still can't completely give up on being punctual and somewhat following a plan. 
Al in Brewerton. He is holding a hand carved walking stick given to him  by his good friend Tim  from Comox
We are having a blast and enjoying every minute. Signing off to go make dinner now. Talk again soon.


  1. Hi Al and Brenda! It is great to read your blog and keep in touch with you! I miss you both but am thrilled that you are living your dream <3 Love, Jodie

  2. YEs like wise nice to see you are off to a great start .. Enjoy I think I may be a blogger now .. What ever that means .. Take care .. and stay dry !