Saturday, 7 September 2013

Utica-Canajoharie Sept 6,2013

We're trucking along. Having some great days, even though the weather is starting to feel a lot like fall.
Al had the heaters going yesterday morning. Temp dropped down to 4 degrees overnight!

Matt Brewing Company

Nail Creek Pub and Brewery

Had a blast in Utica, but now moving on...

Only 3 hours on the water today to take us to a little place called Little Falls. Such a picturesque, quaint spot. We fell in love. Little Falls organized the first Dairy Board in the USA, 1871. With the first cheese market in 1861. Unfortunately, not much remains in the way of cheese these days, but great history.

Walked to town on a beautiful re done walkway around the canal. Went the north south side first then up over the bridge and into town. Then connecting to the Canal walk on the north side taking us up over lock 17 then back to the boat. Did a bit of shopping. Local co-op and then the meat shop.
Lovely people and just a warm fuzzy feeling walking around. Lots of great architecture to look at.
We stopped into an awesome place that use to be the old Stone Mill. Ole Sal's place on the lower level is an Antique shop/ coffee house / ice cream joint. What a cool place. Everyone we met in there was so friendly and interesting. The best iced coffee i've ever had! We thoroughly enjoyed talking to owner Chris Connolly. Very passionate and excited about the idea of learning  how to sail some day. - Well Chris, good luck with your business and with your dream of sailing. Keep in touch with us and if you can ever find the time, come join us in the south somewhere, we'll teach you what we can. -

The old Stone Mill, Ole Sal's in lower level. A few other stores to wander through as well as a hotel in the upper level.

Al and Chris in Ole Sal's
Lock 17

Spent the night on the east side of Lock 17, one of the highest locks in the world, 41 ft.
Nights and mornings are cold, but with the sunshine we are having great weather during the day.

Next was Canajoharie. Fabulous dock and park. Dock master, David and his son Nick, was there bringing in another boat "Allegria" so they also assisted us in docking.Walked to town and had a beer at John's Irish Harbour and a great chat with Sue and Greg from "Allegria"

Beautiful setting but very noisy overnight with train traffic. I've never heard such noise and I swear they came every 30 minutes all night long!

Sharing the lock with Allegria

Domestic geese living in the park for the last couple of years

River running through Canajoharie

Dock master David and Nick

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  1. We love you and miss you!!!
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